Tarot Readings and Mentorship

Tarot of Equus Readings with Kim


While The Tarot of Equus Deck is still in pre-order, I am reading with the preview decks so go ahead and schedule your reading!

Join me for a 30 or 60 minute consult reading using the Tarot of Equus deck.

My approach to reading Tarot cards is not divinatory. It is an experiential exploration of the influences around a topic that is on your mind or heart. The topic can be troubling or exciting — or both — or it can be something that is simply “up” for you. Together, we will consult the cards and ask for their wisdom through the spirit and white light and guidance of Equus.

All faiths — as well as those who claim no faith — are welcome to experience the Tarot of Equus deck.

A 30 minute regular reading may contain one of several card layouts and will be determined at the beginning of the reading.

A 60 minute Astrotarot reading covers a time period and explores at the influences in each of the astrological houses for that time period.

A 60 minute Pathway reading covers the influences of each position in the Major Arcana in your life at the time of the reading.

You may also choose to have me read from one of the many other decks in my personal collection.

All readings are conducted via Zoom unless you and I happen to be in the same place at the same time and then I am happy to conduct an in person reading with you!

Tarot Mentorship

I am willing to offer a limited number of Tarot mentorships to those who seek to add Tarot reading to their personal or professional journey. Please reach out to me via email at kimberly@tarotofequus.com or via text (include your name and request) at 816-608-7530