From artist Kimberly Beer

Tarot of Equus

A fully illustrated 78 card Tarot deck that creatively follows the Rider-Waite tradition and honors the spirit of Equus by casting horses in the pictorial wisdom of the cards.

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I am so excited to bring this deck to the world. It has truly been a labor of love for the past three years and I have enjoyed every moment I have spent creating these cards. I hope you will enjoy reading with them as much as I do — and that the spirit of Equus blesses you with her magic and wisdom everytime you connect with her through these cards.

“I have been blessed to never know a day without a horse in it — and I hope this deck brings the spirit of Equus to you every day so you, too, can stay in touch with the inspiration and wisdom of these magical beings.” — Kim Beer, Artist of Tarot of Equus

Experience the wisdom of Equus through a consultatory reading with me …

I take a consultative approach to working with Tarot — whether it is with my deck or other decks. I believe there is wisdom in the experience of “thinking through” the messages of the cards with my clients. Rather than trying to predict the future — which I believe free choice makes literally impossible — the Tarot becomes a vehicle of understanding that divines the  bridge between where we are now to where we need to go even if that’s not clear when the reading begins.